Saturday, 22 March 2014

Reveal It

Reveal It

Reveal It is a post I do on Saturdays that concludes what I did this week and what I found

About Me

Starting with the good news, I have no more mock exams left so I'm free to read whenever I want. Hell Yeah! The bad news being that I didn`t post any reviews up because I'm still in a book slump it's been nearly two weeks of me reading the same book, not that it's bad it's just that I have no time. If any of you guys have any book recommendations leave a comment below.  Also as I'm from the UK Divergent hasn't been released so I'm still patiently waiting. More like cursing every lucky person who's already seen it. Finally I just past 1000 views on my blog after just over a month - for that I am so happy, surprised and thankful. 


Check out the trailer for The Maze Runner and The Giver  

Also check out this awesome  TFIOS Featurette

Book Related

Some book covers I spotted this week 

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