Friday, 30 May 2014

World After

World After by Susan Ee 

“Would she have turned out like them if we weren’t in the World After?”

“Because she looked like a monster, that’s why. And it never occurred to me that monsters might feel pain.”

World After starts with Penryn, her family and other survivors going to the Resistance’s new head quarters. No matter how hard Penryn tries her, Paige and their mother will never fit in with the other survivors because they’re too closely affected by the angels. Penryn the girl back from death, Paige the flesh eating mutated child and their mum the paranoid and crazy women with a cattle prod.

Penryn doesn`t know how to act around Paige, she wants to be her sister and yet at the same time she’s afraid. When Paige runs away after attacking a fellow survivor, Penryn has no choice but to go after her sister. Also along the way she’ll realise what extent a certain angel (Uriel) will go (killing off humans) to fool the rest of the angels into thinking the apocalypse is coming.

The Characters:

Penryn the anti-hero – Penryn always puts her family before herself – she’ll do anything to protect Paige, She’s a fighter –  with the help of Pooky  Bear she learns how to wield a sword it doesn`t come naturally to her but she doesn`t give up, she makes mistakes – saving others puts a risk over her family, she wants something between Raffe but knows it’s not possible not only because he’s an angel, she helps others even Raffe because it’s a instinct to help others, she’s not afraid to ask for help and finally she never gives up even if it nearly kills her.  

“I am just a kid, not a hero. Heroes have a tendency to die in horrible ways.”

Raffe the Angel – Raffe is a fighter – even if he’s outnumbered he’ll keep fighting until he’s got what he wants; his wings, Pooky Bear and Penryn. We don’t see ENOUGH of Raffe in World After but he’s the type of character who’ll be at the heart of whatever crazy shit the angels are up to
Paige – Just imagine being tortured and stitched up and being in pain every waking moment and on top of that you can’t eat normal food and your sister’s afraid of you – who do you turn to?

The Mum – Scary, brave and not afraid of a damn thing!

“She sees me once in a guy's arms and she has us married already. I wonder what Raffe would think of my mom being his mother-in-law.” 

The Romance:

This series is sure taking it’s time building the romance up but the memories of how Raffe saw Penryn are sweet. And the moments they spend together in this book just makes you want more – how about a second (proper) kiss.  Even thought we don’t see enough of Raffe in World After he’ll be at the heart of chaos and where there’s chaos there is Penryn. So I think they’ll see plenty of each other.

“She wasn’t made to be alone.” 
“I guess none of us are.” 
Our eyes meet and an electric tingle runs through me. 
“She missed you,” I say in a whisper. 
“Did she?” His voice is a soft caress. His gaze into my eyes is so intense that I swear he sees straight into my soul. 
“Yes.” Warmth flushes my cheeks. I… “She thought about you all the time.” 
The candlelight flickers a soft glow along his jawline, along his lips. “I hated losing her.” His voice is a low growl. “I hadn’t realized just how attached I’d gotten.” He reaches and moves a strand of wet hair out of my face. “How dangerously addictive she could be.” 

“But for now, for just for this moment, I let myself be a seventeen-year-old girl in a strong guy’s arms. I even let some of the what-ifs seep in, the kind of possibilities that might have blossomed between us in the World Before. Just for a little while. Before I carefully fold my dreams away into the vault in my head.”

The Plot:

World After isn’t as good as Angelfall but that doesn`t make it bad. World After is like a filler book because its main focus is Penryn finding out a little bit about the angels and why this apocalypse is important. We find out the reason behind the scorpions/locust and how they’re linked to Paige.

“It’s painful to see that people prefer a bad guy who looks like an angel to a good guy who looks like a demon.”

“I’m all about personal business. Every battle I have is personal.” 

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