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City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare Book Review

City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

When are you going to face the fact that the two of you are not meant to be together?” 

Sebastian has gone missing and Jace alongside him, the Clave have given up on finding them and so Clary decides to take matters into her own hands.   

City of Lost Souls is essentially split into two main stories; Clary, Jace and Sebastian’s and Simon, Isabelle, Alec and Magnus’s. When everybody finds out that Jace and Sebastian are connected, one gets hurt the other does as well. It puts a dent in their plans to kill Sebastian. 

When Jace asks Clary to go along with Sebastian’s plan, Clary does. She and Simon are wearing faerie rings which allow them to communicate in their minds which Clary plans on using to tell Simon Sebastian’s plans. At first Clary loses her direction on her mission, she’s with Jace and she focuses more on their relationship.  She’s also confused on how to judge Sebastian as his plans seem all right and Jace believes and trusts him. When Clary finds out Sebastian’s real plans – to raise an army and destroy Shadowhunters with the help of a second mortal cup with the blood from Lilith. She has to do something and this is where the stories link.

Whilst Simon, Isabelle, Alec and Magnus are trying to find a way of getting rid of Sebastian without killing Jace. Simon summons an Angel to get a weapon that’ll do the job, the sword of the Archangel Michael.

There’s a scene in the book in which I’m so proud of Clary. Sebastian tries to rape his sister and Clary does everything in her to try and stop him. Clary hasn’t had much training because bad things just happen to and around her and her training keeps getting pushed second. But Clary uses everything inside to fight him and she wins. Clary uses her skills to trick Sebastian and it takes some guts to stab the person you love.

Also Alec who’s been a strong character throughout the series just turned into Bella Swan with all his moping about being with a person who’d live forever.  When Alec is deciding on if he should take away Magnus’s immortality I couldn`t believe he would do that.  Why would you do that to someone you love? But in the ending when they break up it was so sad because Alec is only 18 and he’s scared and he made the wrong choice.

The best part of the books is the ending, it wasn’t a cliff hanger but it’s suspenseful.


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