Monday, 27 October 2014

The Body Electric Review

The Body Electric by Beth Revis

“But one of the first things to go in a time of war is simply freedom.”

Ella’s life is perfectly normal until the moment her mother is diagnosed with Hebb’s disease. As her mother’s health worsens, Ella accepts the fact that soon she will lose a parent. But then her father is killed, the parent who she wasn’t expecting to die, dies. Soon after his death her mother creates this Reverie technology which allows people to relieve their happiest memories but with technology that delves into the mind things are bound to go wrong …   

First things first Ella is the kind of character that I hope to get in a YA novel. She’s smart in both her choices and knowledge, she questions and then follows, she’s not easily charmed, she trusts herself and she breaks down which makes her more real. Ella goes through a lot and she’s not perfect but she sure as hell ticks a lot of boxes in what makes a good heroine.

This book is very strong in its genre of science fiction. Whoa my mind is whirling after that. The actual idea behind controlling memories and some other really cool stuff (which you’re going to have to read the book to find out) make the book so awesome. There’s just so much going on and it somehow works – reading the book I found myself repeating the word ‘what’ in a state of excitement. The book is incredibly fast paced and it really fits the mood of the book with all the twists and chases.

The writing style is amazing, it’s the kind of book that whilst reading you’re just picturing it in your mind.  Like a movie in my head brought on by words! Also all the twists and hidden messages and the craziness just make me love and get excited for this book.  For some reason this book really reminds me the movie ‘The Island’.

I liked how the world building was done and how through this we got to see how the government ruled and how history had impacted the modern world. Plus the book isn’t set in America and the character isn’t white.

The only thing negative was that there wasn’t enough romance. Don’t get me wrong I loved how the romance didn’t take over the story and it was just a sub plot but to make what Ella did and believed in the end better her relationship with Jack should have been more developed.  

“Truth lies in the heart of fortune.”


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