Monday, 3 November 2014

Maybe One Day Review

Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor   

Things I liked;

. The plot was interesting – the actual story was nice and it got its point across

. The past – I really liked Zoe’s and Olivia’s flashbacks and how they once led a different life and especially how Zoe changed how she was after dance

. Zoe teaching dance at the community class was a really good subplot and I really liked how the younger girls were portrayed

. I also loved the friendship element to the book and how Zoe tries to connect with Olivia’s friends

Things I didn’t like;

. Way to past paced

. Though the plot was interesting there wasn’t enough in it

. We don’t see enough of Olivia’s personality – which is really important so we can empathise with her

. The romance was bad and all over the place

. The school parts and the friends were all too perfect

. There wasn’t enough of Zoe and Olivia’s past aside from dance – It would have been nice to see them when they were finished with dance

.Lastly that ending was bad – the book’s main topic is essentially friendship and then to just end it with romance is just wrong


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