Thursday, 11 December 2014

Soulprint Review

Soulprint by Megan Miranda

“To know your soul is to become it.”

 Alina Chase has spent her entire life on a heavily guarded island for her own protection, well that‘s what she’s been told. On her 17th birthday when she escapes from the island with the help of three strangers things start to change. Living in a world where souls never fade away Alina is unfortunate to have notorious criminal June’s soul.  Alina may not want to be associated with June but there are some things you can’t control and June is one of those things.

Alina was a smart character who tried her best to not be a burden to the others considering she’s never been of the island. Even before she was off the island she learned to do a lot of things by herself including making a stun gun out of a clock which I thought was pretty smart considering her situation with the guard. The other minor characters were decent enough; we didn’t get enough of their personalities to really judge them although we did get their history.

I liked the plotline of Alina be guided to the truth by June and how there were key settings in which we see how June lived or found out the truth, the woods scene and how Alina found out about Dominic played out well. The beginning scene was really good as it felt like I was watching a movie with Alina getting parcelled around by the other characters to get her away from the island.

June and Daniel’s story was interesting and I liked how the author entwined Alina and June’s stories together and how the stories were similar but in a different way. Though the ending was disappointing it didn’t suit the book.

The only bad thing about the story was the amount of time spent on the journey to discover the truth; it was dragged out compared to the scenes when the new characters were introduced. Also the romance was missing something and in the beginning I was confused on Cameron and Casey’s relationship which made it seem as if there was going to be love triangle.  

“Imagination is not the same as a memory, and hope is not the same as reality.”


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