Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My First Year With My Blog

A Year Later: Celebrating My First Year With My Blog 

 Last year on 17th February 2014 I decided to make my blog – a big step for me. I’d spent the last couple of years stalking book blogs, obsessing over books on Goodreads and reading a ton of reviews. Then all of a sudden I had a blog, I was writing reviews of my own and I was still obsessing over books.

The change from viewer to blogger was easier than I expected but there were difficulties. Like readings slumps equalling no reviews, not knowing what to write in reviews, creating a blog theme I liked and adding additional context to my blog aside from reviews. But those problems were easily solved;

Reading Slumps – I hated not finishing books but it’s easier to read a book you’re interested in than force yourself to finish a book you dislike or have no motivation to read

Writing Reviews – The best way to write reviews is to focus on main sections like the plot, writing style, characters and things you enjoyed/disliked the most

Blog Theme – I kept my blog simple as I previously tried way too hard to make it complicated

Additional Context – There are a ton of weekly memes out there

Along the year I’ve gained readers from different places of the globe which is amazing – like someone from a different country has read/been on my blog! I’ve also interacted with some awesome people who share the same views on certain books as me and in addition widened my range of genres that I read.

What I want to change is the fact I don’t really interact with people on my blog as much as I want to and I hope in the next year I will.

On a recent note – In total I have read 1 book this year. Yep 1! This slow progress is due to school and exams and it seems like it’ll continue this way till the start of summer when my exams start so I’ll be posting less reviews than before. But I don’t want my blog to be dead so I’m thinking of adding a few extra posts to my blog things that could create discussions and all. If anybody has any idea on what I could include leave a comment below.

It’s been a pretty eventful year and life which means there’s less time for my blog and at times I’ve wanted to delete it all but I’ve never done it. If anybody feels as if for any reason they want to quit blogging and their blog give it another couple of days because things change very quickly and you don’t want to make a rash decision.

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