Friday, 19 February 2016

This Raging Light by Estelle Laure Book Review

This Raging Light by Estelle Laure

“So I hope he never does kiss me. That would be nothing but a disaster.”

My first issue with the novel is that the focus is mostly on the romance and I didn’t like the romance. The love interest is presented as the typical best friend brother – he’s cute looking, nice and an athlete – he’s also got a serious girlfriend. So cheating is involved. Also the romance was weird because Lucille was so deeply in love with him, her words presented her as the definition of love sick. It wasn’t fun to read…it was more creepy than cute. Also near the end their romance turned way too dramatic and I just didn’t care for it.

The book is fast paced and I finished it really quickly but there are so many different plotlines in the book and some of them are pointless and others don’t really have a good ending to them. The main plot is then overrun by these other subplots and so there’s not that much of a story more just conversations between people.

Also I didn’t like the best friend’s plotline – it just felt like a cliché and unrealistic with how the friend was being presented. It felt like the author just wanted to get rid of her so her brother could take her place. Plus that ending was slightly predictable.

The writing style was lacking something so the characters apart from Lucille and her sister all fell flat.

What I did like was the sister’s relationship I thought it was really cute and also the “angels” aspect.


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  1. I only got about 20% through this before I gave up. I had all of the exact same struggles as you did which was really disappointing because I had big hopes for this book :( Hopefully some happy reading for both of us in future.