Friday, 3 June 2016

Why I Went Back by James Clammer Book Review

Why I Went Back by James Clammer

“People hear messages from other places. Voices. They might not want anything to do with them, but that doesn’t stop the messages coming. "

Why I Went Back is written in a certain style but the novel has this element of magic in it which doesn’t suit the book. The book starts off well with the feel of a realistic novel from a male teen perspective with the issues he faces, the bike being stolen and then the chase to the building. However I didn’t like the main story. It was really weird and dragged on because it was mixed in with the subplot of the undelivered mail. The friendship was out of the blue with both of the minor characters and the story of mental illness wasn’t really truly focused on. The story behind the prisoner would have been good if the story wasn’t boring.


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