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City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare Book Review

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

“That kind of love that can burn down the world or raise it up in glory.”

One thing I really like about the Mortal Instrument Series is that this isn’t just Clary or Jace’s story and City of Fallen Angels emphasis this because this was Simon’s story as well. In a sense there are two different stories that connect together in the end.

So Simon is a Daylighter and that makes him one of a kind but he also bears the Mark of Cain which means he has top notch protection.  He can kill an enemy without moving a muscle and this scares him. Understandable.

 Although Simon is a vampire he puts on a façade of him being a normal human boy essentially a mundane and he truly believes he can be a normal boy that is until he has a wakeup call. When Simon’s mother finds out what he is, Simon realises he’ll never fit in with humans and not even with Shadowhunters.  This view has been told to him by Raphael and Camille – the ex leader of the Vampires and powerful one at that who also wants Simon.

When Jordan a new band mate in Simon’s band lets Simon crash round his, Simon finds out that Jordan is the werewolf who bit Maia and was her ex boyfriend.
Whilst Clary is dealing with not only wedding preparation for her mother’s wedding to Luke but relationship problems with Jace. Jace is pulling away from her unexpectedly and he’s avoiding her
But Clary is strong and instead of breaking down and whining she knows there are more important matters like the recent Shadowhunter deaths. Clary is training to be a Shadowhunter so she’s not fully trained and yet she’s willing to help with the issues regarding the deaths. 

Clary’s story also involves the unexpected death of a new born who was abandoned. Once Clary and her mother visit the baby they realise someone is trying to make another Jonathan/Sebastian. 

When she gains information on the whereabouts of where the demon baby was created she decides to go alone. However she’s does call for back up and she chose Isabelle showing that although Jace is the best Shadowhunter Clary doesn`t have to choose him, she has other people she can rely on. 

Whilst Jace is having nightmares that are being brought on by a demon and he’s terrified that he will kill Clary so he avoids her. Though he might be heartbroken he still helps people, he helps Simon . One thing I like about Clary and Jace’s relationship is that when Clary demanded answers even though she was afraid he would leave her Jace decided to tell her about the nightmares and they both trusted each other.

However with Jace having shitty luck, he still ends up being controlled by the mother of all demons.   

In the party hosted by Luke and Jocelyn; Simon, Clary and Jace all go missing.  Isabelle, Maia, Jordan and Alec know something’s wrong when Simon goes missing so they go after him.

So this is when the stories entwine because the person killing these babies, the person controlling Camille (who was killing the Shadowhunter), the person trying to get Simon and the person controlling Jace is the same person. It’s Lilith the greater demon.

Shit goes down and by that I mean Lilith trying to bring Sebastian back from the dead, Jace saving the day and Simon killing Lilith.

Also Simon killed Lilith but the Shadowhunter’s still treat him like an enemy because even if he saved their lives and is friends with some of them he’s only ever going to be a Downworlder to them and this is important to this story because it shows that Simon will always be the outsider.  

 But that ending – like hasn`t Jace been through enough. Hasn’t his relationship with Clary just finally been back to normal? Good grief they’re never gonna catch a break.

Also it wouldn`t hurt anybody to have more Alec and Magnus scenes.

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