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Cress by Marissa Meyer

“She’d been in a cage all her life. Somehow, she’d never expected to find one just as awful on Earth.”

Cress is the story of Crescent Moon, the shell from Luna who has been trapped in space to do the Queen’s dirty work. When Cress believes she’s partly responsible for killing 16 thousand Earthens she decides it’s time to actually stop Queen Levana and she can’t do it alone. So what do you get when you add Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Iko, Wolf and Thorne together?  A disaster! When everybody first meets everything starts going downhill really fast everybody’s split up.

Cress for many years has been trapped in a satellite which is stuck in space. She’s a self proclaimed damsel in distress and she’s been waiting for her prince to save her. So when she first hears about Carswell Thorne who helped Cinder escape prison, Cress develops a crush. She researches his history and she finds out he’s more than just a criminal and she fantasies about their whirlwind love story. Cress isn’t a fighter but that’s because she’s a hacker.

After a disastrous first meeting with the rest of the crew, Cress and Carswell end up In the Sahara Desert. After being kept in space for more than seven years Cress is finally on Earth, a place where she only dreamed of being in. Both Cress and Carswell have to make their way to civilisation unfortunately Carswell is temporarily blind.

So Cress might not know how to fight and she might rely on others to save her but she walked across the Sahara Desert helping a blind man with her, she witnessed Carswell with another girl and yes it hurt her but she didn`t go crazy on him, she was kidnapped and she tried to save herself, she defended herself against the doctor the only way she knew how and finally she admitted she was in love with Carswell when even Cinder, Scarlett, Wolf and Kai couldn`t do that. And even before she met Cinder she was incredibly clever to get noticed by Sybil, she gave her all in trying to impress Sybil and throughout this she believed herself to be a worthless shell.

Carswell reminds me of Eugene from Tangled – I wonder why? With the whole cutting of the girl’s hair, the arrogance, the criminal status and the change of heart. Thorne has always been in control of his decisions so when he goes blind he has to trust and rely on Cress. When Cress was kidnapped she believed Carswell would save her, he would be her knight in shining armour but he didn’t come( I’m not blaming him). Also when he confessed all the good things she thought of him weren’t true and when he left her in their hotel room alone I think Cress started to give up on fairy tale romances because the person she believed to love wasn’t that person in reality. But as the story progresses you realise that Carswell slowly changes his views on Cress from the sorta cute girl who’s fascinated by the sky and has a hell lot of hair to the short haired genius who cares about him even when she knows about his true personality. And Cress realises that Carswell’s not perfect but he does find her in the end and he’s the type of person to hide his feelings.

“Maybe great, epic romances don't just happen. We have to make them ourselves.”

Also right in the middle of an attack when Cress is thinking the most about death Carswell kisses her.

“I guess it’s time.”
While Cress’s thoughts continued to churn through the horrible things that could happen to her, she felt herself being suddenly spun around and dipped backward, a supportive arm scooping beneath her back. She yelped and caught herself on Thorne’s shoulder.
Then he was kissing her.”

 The book is written in multi povs and at first I found Kai’s chapters to be boring but as the story moves on they start to get more interesting. Kai is gearing up for his wedding to Queen Levana and also holding hope that Cinder will find Princess Selene. Also when Cinder kidnaps him and he’s guessing who Princess Selene is – he’s guessing all the wrong people like seriously! And then the moment everybody most importantly Iko was waiting for – the kiss. It only lasted about 2 seconds and I’ve been waiting since the first book but hey when an evil Queen is attacking Earth nobody has time for romance.

At the start of the book the only “couple” that are actually sort of together is Scarlet and Wolf and so their luck didn`t last.  Wolf was so heartbroken that he lost his Alpha and you could tell he loved her.

I actually didn`t expect the wedding to happen in this book but it fits perfectly with the story and the set up with Winter.  Also the character for Winter is actually crazy! How awesome does that sound and also her love interest Jacin Clay has a minor part in the book and he’s such an asshole at times but afterwards when he realises who Cinder really is and then he understands her plans.

And finally the last words of Cress were

“So I’m going to Luna, and I’m going to start a revolution.” 

Cinder’s way of saying fuck you Levana!

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