Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Angel Review

Angel by L.A. Weatherly 

“The only good angel is a dead angel.”

Willow is a half angel and half human, something that shouldn’t exist. In Angel the angels aren’t Heaven sent good beings but soul stealing sneaky beings. The angels have an entire church with millions of supporters backing them up and all of them have angel burn, making them similar to lifeless zombies. Willow knows she’s not entirely normal and this can be taken from her psychic abilities and her not being able to fit into high school. On one particular day she gives a fellow classmate a reading and finds that Beth has been visited by an angel who’s sucking her life source away and warns Beth to stay away from the Angel instead Beth tells her angel this he finds out that Willow is an half angel and destined to end angels. So that is when Alex is assigned to kill her.

I really liked how the relationship between Alex and Willow was built; the friendship was built slowly due to their mistrust in each other. However being stuck in the car and in motel rooms together sort of forces them to talk and create a really nice friendship. They get to know each other, both past and present and find they really like each other and when they save each other’s lives it seals they’re friendship. It was nice and refreshing until all of a sudden they’re blurting out “I love you” and kissing, the author builds their friendship but rushes into the romance and it was such a letdown. Yes the romance was sort of sweet but most of it was over the top and cringe worthy.

Another thing I disliked was the multiple perspectives, after the first half they were unnecessary and repeated the same information. Also one of the biggest problems with this book was that it was incredibly slow paced and that made it seem as if not a lot was happening and when there was action it was dragged out and it made the story boring and a struggle to read.

I didn’t like Willow’s friend at first but later on she seemed nice but we should have been told more about her because even if she isn’t important she was mentioned and it would have been nice to see character development and her personality properly. Also Beth’s character was so annoying; I understand why but every time I saw her I knew she was going to mess everything up.

I liked the road trip element to the story; it was nice and smooth and the attacks on them were written well. All the sightings of them and when strangers tried to kill Willow were all written well and they were quite funny but seriously how much luck did the duo have; millions chased/sort out them and yet they never got caught. Also with the story being slow and then the ending being really fast paced and dramatic I expected the ending to be a cliff-hanger or something unexpected, I was disappointed.


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