Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Storm Siren Review

Storm Siren by Mary Weber

“I am the real monster. I murder the innocent.”

Nym is an Elemental, Elemental’s are born boys and killed and birth so it’s no surprise that Nym is dangerous. After being left an orphan as a child Nym is being sold for the fifteenth time when the story starts. In the first chapter we’re introduced to Nym, the white haired girl who tries to protect an innocent girl using the power she can’t control and Adora the crazy women who doesn’t run away from danger.

Nym lives in a place where there’s war, one side has advanced weapons and technology whilst the other just has soldiers and that’s were Nym comes in. Adora, Nym’s new owner is one of the King’s trusted advisor on the war and she gives Nym a choice; get hanged in the gallows or train and protect the country.

Die or find redemption. But what if redemption means becoming a weapon?

The plot of the book was a good mix of action and training. Nym doesn’t know how to control her gift so the majority of the book is spent with her training alongside Colin and their trainer Eogan. And I like how it did take quite a long time for Nym to train and learn self control because it made it realistic and supported the plot. With training being a main focus the sub characters Colin and Breck had a greater importance than just being background characters. The plot also included high society parties in which we see who is loyal to the king and also how crazy Adora really is. The themes of war and politics were also in the book.

The romance in the book was luckily not a love triangle though there were points when the author could have ventured into it.  Eogan is the dark skinned trainer and Nym’s attraction to him was a bit too quick but that gets explained later on and fortunately their relationship was build slowly and it was sweet. Their relationship is forbidden as Adora fancies Eogan herself but Eogan and Nym have this connection. Maybe it’s due to the block in Eogan which helps him Nym practice her power and self control or that he’s actually a nice wise guy and not a complete douche bag. 
I really liked Nym’s character and how strong she was. Nym has always had to battle her inner self over the affects of her power and who it hurts.  The story is essentially her battle not only to gain self control but to find redemption which she can only give. She’s tough in the sense she carries around the scars of those she’s killed as a burden when she can’t control how she hurts them. There is a lot of betrayal and death that Nym goes through and it really toughens and strengthens her character.

After being neatly wrapped up near the end we get this huge cliff hanger and it’s a shocker. Like woah.

“Don’t let him take who you are. Make him fear who you will become.”


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