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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling

Title: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 

Author: J.K. Rowling 

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure and Classics

Published: July 10 2004, Bloomsbury

Pages: 796 

Blurb: Harry Potter is due to start his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His best friends Ron and Hermione have been very secretive all summer and he is desperate to get back to school and find out what has been going on. However, what Harry discovers is far more devastating than he could ever have expected...

In the beginning of the Order of the Phoenix, Harry is at the Dursley’s home where he is isolated from the magic world and his friends. He doesn’t know what to do and he has no clue what’s going on with the whole Voldermolt dilemma. This leads to him developing a lot of anger at his friends and people who support him for withholding the truth and leaving him in the dark. So when Harry does join his friends at Sirius’s house you can understand his anger because one of the things that is important in the Harry Potter series is the friendship between Harry, Hermione and Ron; they are the trio of misfits. They always tell each other secrets and Harry feels they were betraying him by not telling him the truth. Understandable.

Also later on in the book when Ron is made a prefect, Harry’s confused because even though he doesn`t want to admit it he’s always thought that he was better than Ron and this adds an awkward phase to their friendship. Furthermore by making Ron a prefect, Harry believes this is Dumbledore’s way of separating himself from Harry.

“About You-Know-Who. He said his “gift for spreading discord and enmity is very great. We can fight it only by showing an equally strong bond of friendship and trust”

The Weasley’s – I just love them all except Percy who’s a dickhead to be plainly said. The twins are awesome with their fireworks and inventions - they’re geniuses in the making.  They show how sometimes you have to rebel against the system to make a change. Mrs Weasley is extremely motherly and over protective and her actions show this, making her a relatable and realistic character. Ginny is taking her own stand and not letting anyone hold her back with Quidditch and DA. Percy deserves a slap from reality – he put the ministry over his family and totally had no regrets. Finally to sum Ron up –

“Weasley is our King,                                                                                                                    Weasley is our King,                                                                                                                             He didn`t let the Quaffle in,                                                                                                               Weasley is our King.

Weasley can save everything,                                                                                                          He never leaves a single ring,                                                                                                            That’s why the Gryffindors all sing:                                                                                  
Weasley is our King…”   

This is the first time we actually see Harry start a rebellion – Dumbledore’s Army – and we see him as a leader. He teaches others Defence Against the Dark Arts and we get to see his character developing into a “hero” who can lead others against the battle with Voldermolt when the time comes.

Mrs Umbridge – you got what was coming Dolores you snooty pink bitch. Just to add - everybody hated her at Hogwarts (including the teachers) except for Filch and Malfoy.  

Dumbledore - “You know, Minister, I disagree with Dumbledore on many counts...but you cannot deny he's got style...” 

 Snape – When Harry was getting taught by Snape and Snape saw Harry’s past you could tell he cared even though Harry took it the other way, he thought Snape was mocking him.  I knew you cared Snape.

“When, however, you did not return from your trip into the forest with Dolores Umbridge, Professor Snape grew worried”

Sirius – Let’s not go there

Only one couple were still battling, apparently unaware of the new arrival. Harry saw Sirius duck Bellatrix's jet of red light: He was laughing at her. "Come on, you can do better than that!" he yelled, his voice echoing around the cavernous room. 
The second jet of light hit him squarely on the chest.
The laughter had not quite died from his face, but his eyes widened in shock.
It seemed to take Sirius an age to fall. His body curved in a graceful arc as he sank backward through the ragged veil hanging from the arch.
And Harry saw the look of mingled fear and surprise on his godfather's wasted, once-handsome face as he fell through the ancient doorway and disappeared behind the veil, which fluttered for a moment as though a high wind and then fell back into place. 

To end on a good note – isn`t funny how a bunch of kids could hold their own against deatheaters

Hands down it’s a five star 

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