Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Memory Hit by Carla Spradbery Review

The Memory Hit by Carla Spradbery

“But the last thing he saw was the expressionless white face somewhere behind the flames. The face of the person who had come to watch him die.”

The Memory Hit is a fast paced story that only spans over a few days, over a boy who was at the wrong place at the wrong time and the girl who knew the wrong people. This is how they find themselves connected in a situation involving selling drugs and escaping from a masked murderer.

What I Liked;

·        The Plot – The book started off well with the two different settings and how the two main characters got involved with Nostalgex. It then developed further with the murders, drug deals and the entire mystery about who the person behind the mask was.

·        The Multiple Perspectives – thankfully the story didn’t repeat with the changing of perspectives as the characters weren’t always with each other and solved different parts of the story.

·        The Span of the book – The story only last a couple of days which really fit the book as it was supposed to be a whirlwind fast paced book

·        The Writing Style

·        The Murderer – I really liked how the killer actually creeped me out

 What I Didn’t Like;

·        The Characters – Not that they were bad but I just didn’t know enough about them. The characters had already met so it was written as if the reader had also met the characters before. Same applies to the minor characters.

·        Some events in the book and how the characters reacted/their actions were so stupid and unbelievable

·        How the mysteries were solved – It really felt like the characters had dodged doing any ‘detective’ work by just taking drugs to solve the mysteries – cop out

·        Who the Murderer Was – Seriously – I get why the author gave little/no clue to who the murderer was because it was supposed to shock you but I just couldn’t believe it was, who it was.  Also I think that the story could have been much better if was left a mystery to who the masked killer was.

·        The death – Someone is killed at the end and it happened way to fast – shock factor done wrong

·        The ending – In the book Jess references the stages of grieve and after certain events she moves to the stage of acceptance/moving on very fast – too fast.


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