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Fans of the Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa Review

Fans of the Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa

Against all odds. May people look at us and wonder how such jewels can sparkle in the sad desert of the world. May we live the impossible life." 

Fans of the Impossible Life is the story of 3 different teenagers; Jeremy, Mira and Sebby.  After an incident at school Jeremy took most of the year off and now he’s back at school. Mira’s sent to a new school to change things around after spending 10 months in hospital after a suicide attempt and dealing with depression and Sebby is Mira’s friend.  All three of them meet when Jeremy starts an after school art club.

What I Liked;

. The Characters – All of them had their own issues and back stories which made them unique and interesting to read about so when the povs changed I wanted to read about all of them. They also collectively had an atmosphere of mystery and craziness like they were an exclusive group of friends which made you want to read on and find out about them. 

. Writing Styles – First person is used for Jeremy’s pov to show how he’s the outsider at first in the relationship and how as he gets to know both Sebby and Mira the reader does as well.  Second person is used for Sebby which fits his character and story as he makes a lot of rash decisions which leads to him feeling all over the place and it gives his story the out of body touch as if he goes through the experience but regrets doing it as well. Third person is used for Mira to show how she feels like an outsider and invisible or a burden to her family. 

. Diversity – Jeremy is a bisexual (either that or he’s gay and just attracted to Mira) and has 2 dads, Sebby’s Asian or half Asian and gay and Mira’s biracial.

. Jeremy sort of idolises Sebby and Mira and what they do to make them look like these amazing flawless and crazy people but near the end Sebby sort of mentions how they’re not what he wants them to be – they’re broken and imperfect.

. How mental illness is dealt

What I Didn’t Like;

. The messiness that is the second half of the book – it was really all over the place

. How Sebby treated Jeremy – there’s this one encounter where he does something and leaves and although Jeremy says afterwards he was fine – I don’t think he was

. The synopsis – “the boy in love with both of them” – is very misleading because he loves them in different ways. “Sebby and Mira together craft a world of magic rituals and secret road trips” – one magic ritual and a road trip that occurred before the books event

. Although I like the characters and the plot was okay the story felt like it was lacking something.

“Love remembers the places where it touched down. You can follow it back to them.”


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