Thursday, 3 September 2015

One by Sarah Crossan Review

One by Sarah Crossan

“So when we tell them we do not want to be apart, they assume there is something very, very wrong with us.”

One is the story of Grace and Tippi who are conjoined twins. Things start to change for them when their family runs into money problems – now Grace and Tippi will have to go to high school. With high school come 2 new friends and endless amount of stares and judgment.

The writing style is nice and gives a good voice to the book – the story is told from Grace’s point of view is written in verse so it’s fast paced and a quick read however a lot of details are left out and leaves the book feeling kind of flat. With verse we see a lot of feelings/emotions from Grace and less plot which I guess wasn’t for me.

The characters are stereotypical – she’s the quiet twin , Tippi’s argumentative and wilder, her friend is defiant and the guy is sweet and nice.  So she’s shown to be plain next to them – and at times she gets jealous. The characters are likable and nice but aren’t anything special because it feels as if I don’t really know them – I didn’t connect with them.

What I did like is the portrayal of the people who judge, are mean to, nosy or supportive to Grace and Tippi and how they treat them differently and how this affects the girls.

The ending was predictable with the name of the title and emphasis on change but nonetheless it was really emotional and the promise they made to each other was so heartbreaking.


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