Monday, 14 September 2015

The Secret Fire by C.J. Daugherty & Carina Rozenfeld Review

The Secret Fire by  & Carina Rozenfeld

Life is dangerous. If you want to survive, you get strong.”  

The Secret Fire has an interesting concept to it of two very different teenagers who find themselves in a similar situation and have to rely on each other to save themselves. Taylor is from a line of alchemists and 13 generations ago one of Taylor’s ancestors was burned by one of Sacha’s ancestor – therefore a curse was placed on Sacha family stating that the first born son will die before he turns 18. Taylor is the only one who can save Sacha.

What I Liked;

.The Writing Style – The story was told from both of the teens perspectives and also from 2 different authors and you could tell the both authors had different styles which actually went well together.

. The Romance – it was kept very simple and never really fully developed which was nice for a first book.

. The Ending – one of the major plotline wasn’t tied up which I liked because it carries on to the second book.

What I Didn’t Like;

.Taylor – She was just too perfect. She was pretty and didn’t know it, she was super smart and didn’t know it, she was giving but she felt selfish, she had the hottest guy as her boyfriend but she didn’t know why … get the gist. Also her perfect personality was emphasised because all the minor characters surrounding her like her best friend, boyfriend and mother were seen in a negative light etc liars, abusive and overbearing. Her actions and the way she dealt with things were actually pretty smart but her character was too annoying to ever actually care about that.

. The Synopsis states – “powerful forces will stop at nothing to keep them apart. They have eight weeks to find each other.” Which sounds awesome and is true to an extent however they actually meet pretty early on in the book and so the entire 8 weeks is…

. The Plot – is literally full of stereotypes and clichés. Pretty clever girl meets bad boy foreign guy. Girl is the chosen one and has more power than anybody else. Boy has family issues. Boy and Girl have history they don’t know about. The girl changes the way she dresses and suddenly she feels edgier and her control on her powers improve. Boy and Girl are love interests. There’s a lot more and it made the book unoriginal compared to what I expected but also boring.


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