Friday, 8 August 2014

Hexed by Michelle Krys Book Review

Hexed by Michelle Krys

“If I was truly a witch, I’d master my magic and quit relying on others to protect me. And I intend to keep my promise.”

If only those words were true.

Let’s introduce the characters;

The Main Character - Indigo Blackwood
She’s special (she not only has the witch gene she’s extra talented for a newbie), self centred (everything revolves around her at school and she doesn’t give a shit about her “best friend”), bitchy (every single girl on her cheerleading squad is a “bad person”), a cheerleader (also adding to the point that she’s hot), supposedly the only decent female character - literally every other female has a massive flaw compared to her  (that’s what she thinks), she’s dating a hot guy (the school’s jock- the golden couple) and all she ever does is cry and that’s no exaggeration.

The Love Interest – Bishop
He’s got the whole creepy /stalker thing going and he openly admits it , the bad boy vibe going on with the leather wearing, the crude jokes, the looks, he has information which she needs and he thinks she’s unique.

The Tag Along Friend – Paige

She’s used, ditched and rejected by her so called best friend and she’s always forced to go into danger because her “friend” begs her to come with her.

Along with;
The Ex – Devon
The Popular Bitchy Girl aka The Ex Best Friend – Bianca
 The Guy’s Ex – Jezebel (the name says it all)
The Artistic Mum and The Absent Parent

 The Plot
The first half of the story is just as cliché as the characters. The story starts of badly with the first chapter consisting of the main character bitching about her best friend and squad and sweating. Then come the “bad guys” and Bishop. Once the witchy bible has gone missing – taken by the bad guys, Bishop starts stalking Indigo and popping up everywhere. Then things spiral downwards for Indigo; her mother got kidnapped and her boyfriend cheated on her and on top of that she’s a witch.
Things happen; the bad guys pop up every now and then, Bishop teaches her about magic and her mother dies.

The book is fast paced so when the mother dies the entire plotline till that would be a normal book but for this story its only half way. From this point the story gets better, way better.

The death of her mother and the cheerleader coach was unexpected but I felt no empathy because I couldn’t connect with the characters because in the first half I didn’t like any of them.

One aspect I liked in this story were the villains they won over the good guys a lot and they were well written, they didn`t mess around and actually do bad things like murder.

Indigo’s character changes a lot when she becomes a witch – she doesn’t care about how people judge her, she’s over her cheating boyfriend and doesn`t want him back and she learns to respect Paige.

With the story being fast paced the romance element was unnecessary and too quick.


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