Monday, 25 August 2014

Lottie Biggs is (not) Mad Review

Lottie Biggs is (not) Mad by Hayley Long


“Use the blank page as my canvas and the rich vocabulary of the English language as my pallet.”  
Lottie Biggs is a teen who’s about to go through a whole lot of drama. For her English coursework Lottie needs to write about a key event that went on in her life for creative writing unfortunately for her there’s more than one key event going on.

Lottie is a very creative and funny character, she’s likable and relatable. Lottie alongside her best friend, Goose works at “Sole Mates” a shoe shop.  Things first start to change when Goose starts to date the hottest guy who works near them, Neil Adam or mad alien. Goose starts to change her personality and her friendship with Lottie is put second.

Lottie doesn’t know how to deal with this change and now she’s spending a lot of time by herself she’s starting to realise some personal issues. Lottie does a lot of things she doesn’t remember doing or is ashamed off and this is all because of her mental illness. Her friends and her mother start to realise something is off when Lottie starts to act out and get into trouble.

Though the novel seems like a middle grade what Lottie goes through breaches a more young adult subject. Lottie suffers from a mental illness and while going through the early stages she’s feel likes she’s all alone and she suffers from depression. The novel shows how important friendships are to people. Lottie’s and Goose’s, Lottie and the Welsh Elvis Presley, Lottie and the Sole Owner’s and Lottie and her mum’s. Throughout the novel each relationship helps Lottie in a different way and helps her through her dilemmas.

Lottie and Gareth relationship isn’t fully developed in this novel though the blossom of the relationship is shown.

The writing style was written with a diary feel because it was Lottie’s English coursework. It was funny and enjoyable and the pictures were hilarious.  


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