Monday, 13 July 2015

Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle Review

Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle

“No one wound up where they wanted to go.”

Famous in Love is the story of Paige, a small city girl who dreams of being an actress. Auditions for a movie – an adaptation of a YA book called Locked are held where Paige lives and she gets the role. Her life dramatically changes as she goes from acting at school productions to working on an actual movie set. The story follows her struggles with adapting to change, her new found fame and the choice between two of her co stars.

Paige struggled a lot though the novel with an irritating producer always on her back so I guess she was brave enough to continue on with the production however she wasn’t really anything special. She was described as ‘outgoing’ but she wasn’t, she was more meek and a nervous wreck at times.

The plot was interesting if you’re into movies and how they are made – the book went into the audition process, shooting the movie and different press conferences. Aside from that the book dealt with romance as well, which was a love triangle and instant love and followed a slightly similar pattern to the book – Locked.

The first of the two love interests is Rainer. He’s Hollywood’s golden guy and he’s the sweet nice guy who welcomes Paige and helps her feel at ease whilst filming. Rainer’s personality makes him really annoying – he’s too perfect, he cares too much about the opinions of others and tries too hard. The second guy is Jordan and he’s the total opposite of Rainer – what a surprise. He’s Hollywood’s bad boy and he follows the stereotypes of a bad boy – he’s mysterious, brooding and misunderstood.  

The love interests were role reversed in the movie as the bad boy played the good guy and vice versa. The history between the two boys was something that was repeated in this book which was really annoying and in addition the solution to their argument came way too easily near the end.  

The ending decision that Paige made was predictable because the prologue gave it away and I didn’t like her choice because her relationship with that guy was way over the top and she idolised him too much. 

One important message from the book was on how her family and friend’s support on following her dreams was important.

“It’s exactly what you need, what you want, but it’s come too late”



  1. I'm glad to see that this book wasn't that bad. I may have to check it out; I read a book by Rebecca Serle earlier this year and I enjoyed it pretty much. Great review!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. It's interesting enough that I would read the second book and if you liked her other books I would definitely recommend you read this.