Monday, 6 July 2015

Remember Me by Romily Bernard Review

Remember Me by Romily Bernard

“Everyone is capable of damage.”

Remember Me follows the story of Wick as she’s bribed by Detective Carson to investigate the death of a local judge’s assistant. However she faces many problems including her father’s friends, Milo vs Griff and the truth behind her mother’s suicide.  

I really liked Wick in the first book but in this book she was really annoying. She knew the choices she was making were going to have negative effects on the people around her and yet she still continued on – she was really selfish. She didn’t take any good advice instantly and it was really frustrating because her life could have been so much easier.

Bren’s character changed a lot as well – granted her husband did cause a teenage girl’s death. At first she was really harsh with her decisions towards Wick but then Wick kept repeating her mistakes so I understood her decision at the end of the novel. Lily wasn’t that important in this book and her only role was to either mentally encourage or discourage Wick.

The romance in this book was a love triangle. It was the typical – second book second love interest – the second guy was also a bad boy. It was stereotypical and bad- you argue with the boyfriend, and introduce the new guy, breakup and then start a new relationship with the new guy. Plus Wick and Milo’s relationship was way too quick and awkwardly built up. She kept on sneaking out with him and he was a bad influence on her – something about being able to rule the world.

The writing style was good and was fast paced to fit the book. The main plot was interesting and the action was good. The entire plot with the lawyer and the assistant was actually very interesting and the suspect list was quite narrow so although the mystery was built up well you could also guess who the suspects were. However it did follow another stereotype of making it seem as if the killer had been found and then reveal a twist which changed the suspect. Also the sub plots including Wick’s parents were interesting and added back story to Wick and her past life.  

The book did finish on a cliff-hanger which sets up for the third book and hopefully she doesn’t end up with Milo!  


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