Friday, 10 July 2015

Inherit the Stars by Tessa Elwood Review

Inherit the Stars by Tessa Elwood

“Maybe truth is fluid but your word is not, and we would not do that.”

Inherit the Stars is the story of Asa, who poses as her sister in a wedding to unite two houses together. After Asa’s older sister’s life is in jeopardy she poses as her middle sister to secure her older sister’s life. The story is essentially two people forced together who have to rely on each other in order to persuade a group of people they are legitimately in love and protect Asa’s original planet.

Asa and her family are first introduced when Asa and her older sister who is injured land on a planet away from their dying home planet in order to save the older sister’s life. This sets up the story as it shows some world building – it introduces the 3 different planets and the problems surrounding them. We then get a bigger insight into Asa’s family life; her father is the planet’s leader of sorts. Her family life isn’t perfect however throughout the novel her family’s actions make the book more interesting.

What I like the most about Asa is that she was really brave – though she did make a lot of reckless and rash decisions she wasn’t afraid of facing the consequences and owning up to her mistakes. I also liked how she stood up for Eagle against his family even though she hadn’t known him for long.

The romance was really sweet and was built up slowly. The characters had time to develop their friendship and well any sort of relationship before they expanded it to a romantic relationship. It was really nice especially as Eagle was really insecure about himself and that Asa didn’t seem to mind – she was very accepting of him.

The world building in the book was really good and interesting. From the three different planets only two are fully introduced and it was interesting to see the development of the two countries in terms of technology and how different they are. The book also focused on how different the ruling systems in the different planets were, which was a big focus on the book especially related to the unexpected marriage arrangement. 

However the overall plot was very simple, not much happened. The plot focused on the marriage arrangement and meeting Eagle’s family and no expanding plot for the rest of the series was introduced which was slightly confusing as it didn’t create any excitement for the other books in the series.

Also the book was way too wordy especially at the beginning which was slightly off putting and added to the slow pace the story did seem to drag however as the story progressed it got better.


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