Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Find Me by Romily Bernard

Find Me by Romily Bernard 

“I thought, maybe, keeping a diary would break my fall.” 

Wick is the type of girl who’s always getting thrown in dumpsters for speaking up, the girl who’s got people who wait outside her house early in the morning because she can’t be trusted and the type of girl who’s scared because she’s not free of her enemies.

“There’s no end to this, you know.”

Tessa is the old friend, the girl that was in the past. The girl who had the perfect life or is it the perfect façade? The girl so broken and terrified that she chose to jump. The girl who chose death over life. She was hiding a secret, the secret that ruined her life.

“Fairytales have it right. There are monsters, but in our world the monsters can’t be killed”

When you find a dead girl’s diary on your porch, what do you do? Do you solve the mystery or do you tell the cops?

But what if your sister’s next and by solving the mystery you save her?

Wick has the skills to find out who raped and abused Tessa and if Lily’s next she’s going to do everything in her power to stop them.

“If I do this, what will happen to me afterward?

Every chapter starts off with a passage from Tessa’s diary and by having them in a non-chronological order it shows how in different moments in Tessa’s life she changes her mind on “the guy”. She goes from dressing up, looking pretty and feeling wanted to being scared, wrecked and afraid.

I really like the idea that even though Wick is quite a stubborn person and she can hold her own against bullies she’s also afraid and clever enough to know that sometimes you have to do your revenge behind the bullies back and that includes behind the computer screen.

Not only does Wick have to deal with her father being on the run and coming back at anytime, a cop being creepy and Tessa’s father being creepy she also has to deal with family problems and a sadistic abuser that’s after her sister.

There are three main suspects but you pretty much know who the person is earlier on in the book. But throughout the book it confuses you because you think its one person and then you think it’s the other and this keeps the mystery.

“It was never supposed to end like this”

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