Monday, 7 April 2014

Movie Review

Divergent Movie Review

Before Watching The Movie:

If anyone knows me personally they know that I didn`t exactly love The Hunger Games. I know shocking, but it just wasn`t for me I found it boring at times and it was so confusing for me because I really wanted to enjoy it. I don`t know if it was because I had recently read the book – February/March  time round about in 2012 and the plot was fresh in my mind and I just didn’t find it interesting. However I loved Catching Fire – It was awesome and holler I loved it. Anyway enough of that I really loved Divergent when I read it – before I read The Hunger Games – and I really wanted to love the movie.

Every time I thought/talked about Divergent a rush of emotions came over me and I just went fangirl crazy like someone try to calm me down. Fortunately for me I have friends who’ve read the book and are as hyped up for the movie as me so I had people who I could go crazy with. I would like to say you couldn’t understand how excited I was but most of you are fans for Divergent so you probably understand! Crazy doesn`t even begin to describe us!

My sister’s birthday was on the 5th April and Divergent gets released on the 4th and I was like Hell Yeah I’m taking you to watch Divergent. Bearing  in mind that my sister is not a reader so she doesn`t understand my excitement for the movie however she did enjoy the movies for The Hunger Games and Catching Fire
I am not comparing the movies together The Hunger Games and Divergent are totally different and so many critics have been comparing them together and with the Twilight Saga – like seriously! Ugh! My Dad and younger brother annoyed me by saying it was the same as THG like do you really want to get into this. Because imma come out of this on top!

During The Movie:

Before the movie came on they showed the trailer for TFIOS twice! I’m not complaining because OMG I cannot wait for the movie.  They also showed the trailer for The Maze Runner and my sister turned to me and was like I want to read that – I was so shocked my sister willingly reading a book! Thankfully I’d borrowed the book from the library.

After The Movie:

Holy Shit I am in LOVE with this movie! I am speechless!

“My thoughts are stars that I cannot fathom into constellations” – That’s me currently!

Oh Four you were so moody looking in the beginning – so approachable!

And you can actually see Tris change throughout the movie – like you go girl – go kick ass! Go show them that you’re more than a stiff!

I ship Fourtris/Sheo so hard – Perfection !!!!!!
I watched Divergent on Fourtris day – Holy ShmolyI cannot believe that!!!!!
Did you guys see Veronica Roth in the movie – like Whooo i did not see that coming!

The movie was so good I cannot believe/comprehend it.

Everything was so good that I feel like crying because I’m so happy.

The background for the movie was so pretty and I loved the characters and the acting

Insurgent you best be coming fast!

P.S. I really want to fill this post with pictures and gifs but that’s why I have Tumblr!


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