Monday, 28 April 2014

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

The Maze Runner Review 

“Tom, I just triggered the Ending.”

The main character, Thomas wakes up with no memory of anything other than his name and he’s in a lift. That’s when he finds himself in the Glade and meets the Gladers. When Thomas arrives everything starts to change and a lot of things go down.

The Maze Runner is the type of story that you just expected more from.  It was good but it had so much potential to be better.

The Good–

Thomas was curious; he asked a hell lot of questions – as you should do! Thomas is put in this new environment and unlike other protagonists he’s not afraid of making people angry and making enemies by finding out the truth.

Thomas is very determined to become a runner and find out the truth and he does what his instincts tell him too.  

The relationship between the boys wasn’t perfect and this made it real – stick a group of people together not all of them are going to get along!

The Bad –

The Grievers – They weren’t even scary!

The Maze – holy shit you have an entire maze that keeps changing, there’s endless possibilities of what could be in the maze but all we have is Grievers.

Too many minor characters – all the names you have to remember

Teresa was in a coma for more than half the book and when she comes out of it she’s solving half the clues that the Gladers couldn`t in their two years living in the Glade! Also her relationship with Thomas was really awkward – he didn`t fight on her side and they’re connected somehow.

Action – There was too much arguing between the characters and there was only like two scenes of action and in the last fight scene- Thomas wasn’t even fighting in it so we didn’t even read about it!

Mystery – Just because Thomas is the MC doesn`t mean he has to solve everything

Chuck – All Thomas did was complain about him

The Ending – It wasn`t rushed or anything. 

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